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“Absolutely lovely class, I can’t recommend it enough. When I first took my daughter along she wanted me to do most of the cooking. These days I don’t get a look in! The classes have really developed her independence and confidence as well as being great fun for me and her.”

Colleen Cullen

“I’ve been raving about Tots Cross Buns for 2 terms now and can’t believe I haven’t yet written a review. My mum takes my 3 1/2 year old (Ruby) and they both love this class so much. Ruby enjoys learning what goes into making the recipes and loves getting stuck (and a little messy) making them. It has really captured her attention, as she now will join me most evenings to help out making dinner for everyone. She made breakfast pancakes for the whole family the other day, with me only doing the cooking bit! I was so impressed and its really down to this class.”

Louise Angell

“One of the best toddler / preschooler classes we have done (and we have done quite a few). The sessions enable the development of multiple skills, and stimulate the use of all senses. The leader, Kerry, is fantastic; inclusive and really ensuring the enjoyment of all session participants. A delightful class. Highly recommended.”

Maritza Tucker

“Ella loved her time at Tot Cross Buns. At 4 she was one of the oldest in her group but loved the interaction, helping her little pal and loved asking endless questions of Bryony. The recipes were varied and the tasting box was a fun way to try new foods. Such fun, no washing up and always something yummy to eat at the end of it. If Ella didn’t like it, then her mummy certainly did. A great activity for children in Winchester!”

Suzy Dierckx

“Great class for the little people. Have taken 2 of my grandchildren. Just came back from the Halloween party. Took 4 grandchildren and they loved it. Treasure Hunt, dancing, pass the pumpkin, Halloween statues, colouring and cooking. A great afternoon. X x”

Shawna Campbell

“My girls have been going for years, they have both loved it from the age of 2 up until shcool age. I am sad next year will be our last as my youngest starts school.  We will miss it greatly.”

Rebecca Wright

“All three of my children love it here! My youngest is really enjoying her classes each week”

Laura Eves

“Absolutely brilliant class! My daughter looks forward to going every week. Cannot recommend enough”

Tracey Clarke

“Great classes. Helps children to understand about cooking, learn about healthy foods, follow instructions etc.

You don’t have to commit to a whole term like other children’s classes which allows you to try for 7 or 8 weeks. However my daughter has been going for a year and there hasn’t been repetition of recipes!

Great activity while food is cooking.  Small and friendly classes.  Also had great cooking party for my daughter and her friends – they made their own pizza’s including the dough which they had for their lunch.”

Amanda Gordge

“Fantastic class!! We have done quite a few terms now with both Allison and Kerry (both fantastic) and my little girl loves it and can’t wait for class each week. Kerry is great with the children and engages them in everything we do. We are looking forward to next term and more yummy recipes to try”

Gemma Gowland

“Not only does my 2 year old ask almost every day if it’s “cookily” class today, but it’s the best class I’ve been to for meeting other local mums, as everyone is extremely friendly and you get a chance to chat whilst the children are baking or doing an activity – which is much easier than trying to talk to people whilst chasing a child at a playgroup, which I have found too “cliquey” for me. It’s lovely to try different bakes too – savoury and sweet. Brilliantly organised by the lovely and engaging Allison. We love it!”

Carolyn Smith

“Amazing session this morning making yummy chilli and cheese scones. Gets the thumbs up from Haydn’s little friends too… What a wonderful way to start the day. I definitely recommend Tot Cross buns for your budding little chefs out there.”

Helmine Botes

“This is a brilliant class. My daughter is having such fun and it is educational as well as enjoyable. Kerry is a great teacher.”

Louise Wallace

“My daughter really enjoys going to Tot Cross Buns. Every week we cook something different and is always tasty! Whilst the food is cooking the children carry out a fun activity Allison is awesome at engaging the children throughout the cooking class. Thanks for all your hard work x”

Laura Chaffé

“Attended my first class today with my daughter and I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing her having so much fun and the biscuits were very tasty”

Carl Noonan

“My son and I have attended both Kerry and Allison’s classes and have loved every minute of it. My son enjoys exploring new textures and is willing to try all new foods as a result of attending Tots Cross Buns.”

Sarah Avenell

“Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful 4th birthday party for Jessica. She loved it and it was great to do something a bit different. Great value for money and the food was delicious!”

Jenny Oliver

“What a wonderful thing to do with your child! Highly recommend and it’s promotes healthy eating! xxx”

Libby Bailey

“My son and I have been attending tot cross bun classes for a couple of terms now with Kerry, and love it! Kerry is fab with the kids and always so cheerful. We look forward to going every week. X”

Karina Wright

“Attended our first class today and loved it! Allison is very engaging with the children and I loved the taster session encouraging our little ones to try something new. We cannot wait for next week x”

Aimee Rhiannon Pearce

“Brilliant classes! We have been cooking with Kerry for 7 weeks now and my little girl loves it. Kerry is great with the children and we can’t wait to carry on baking next term.”

Alexandra Cowley

“Absolutely brilliant classes which my son loves! He enjoys them so much he even had a Tot Cross Buns 3rd birthday party where the kids made their own pizza for tea. Would thoroughly recommend the classes and the parties.”

Jenny Dancer

“Highly recommend Tot Cross Buns. A fun and educational activity about food and cookery for your tots. My 3 year old loves this class, hence we keep going back each term !!”

Maria Burt

“Fabulous to be back at our cooking lessons after Easter break. Freya kept asking if it was Friday yet, she loves it and is now a 3star baker! Thanks Alison.”

Susan Somers Vine

“Just finished our 3 week course with my 2 and 5 year old. They loved the course and were on count down to their next visit every week. We will be booking in again for September”

Leanne Inkley

“We love going to cooking class Allison is lovely and is great with the children. We look forward to our Friday class a lovely end to the week”

Jennifer Shearing

“We LOVE Tot Cross Buns! We have such a good time together and always love what we’ve cooked! No washing up either – bonus!”

Kate Bozzi

“My daughter and I loved the cooking class, wish we had discovered it sooner to do regularly before my daughter starts school. Would think a cooking party would be lots of fun also.”

Zowie Squires

“My little boy absolutely loves tot cross buns and so do I!! Allison comes up with delicious recipes and we always look forward to Mondays now”

Nicola Farraday

“Brilliant class. Very friendly and helpful. Lovely atmosphere”

Sarah Gausden

“Loved the Saturday class – yummy cupcakes!”

Fi Fi Donnison

“My daughter enjoys every minute! Lovely relaxed atmosphere, small groups.”

Karon Bearne

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